“Mí Bailaora” is a saxophone concert in which each piece is preceded by a short film inspired by the piece that will be performed. Musicians often also provide brief explanations so that the audience can better comprehend the music played. In “Mí Bailaora,” due to the pieces’ characteristics – which have both experiential and emotional inspiration – we have created short films with a beautiful poetic touch to transport the audience to the creative state of the composer, who, in this concert, is also the performer, the saxophonist David Salleras.

The short films have been directed and filmed by Quim Paredes, with poems written by David Salleras himself; the talented Eduard Paredes is the main actor.

The compositions of David Salleras travel between tango and flamenco music; they are very passionate as well as technically demanding and brilliant works. These pieces utilize a simple staging that complements a concert that is intimate, innovative and surprising.


Caprice núm. III

Mi bailaora


Danza del olvido amargo

Dansa nocturna


Caprice núm. I



Eduard Paredes is a chameleon of an actor who sings and dances, and who can also perform drama and comedy. He is a leading member of the successful company “Cor de TeatrE.” With a wide artistic training, Eduard successfully writes, composes and follows his path as an actor in the renowned Institut de Teatre de Barcelona.


Quim Paredes discovered the world of visual arts after years in academia. In 1989, his fascination with this artistic media led him to work as a film and video editor. He created his own production company, 24 imatges x segon, which has been producing and directing documentaries, films and short films for almost 30 years.